Ekkehard Rüdiger Neumann

is a personal coach, relaxation trainer and vitality manager.

Know-how from all parts of the world

Ekkehard RĂ¼diger Neumann first trained in Australia as an acupressure masseur.

Further training courses in coaching, massage and relaxation followed, in
- Germany,
- Japan,
- Sri Lanka,
- the Esalen Institute, California
- Axelssons, Stockholm,
- Vedanta Center, Val Morin, Canada.

Perfect vitality management

For years now Ekkehard Neumann has been seen as a hot tip by managers, self-employed professionals, competitive sportspersons and trainers. With his practically related, individually conceived support on the mental, physical and emotional levels, you can be sure of optimising your performance in the highest degree.

Sought-after expertise

Ekkehard R. Neumann's exceptional expertise in this field has made him a professional consultant to companies and magazines (Vogue, Journal der Frau and many others) for all questions relating to matters of personal coaching, work-life balance and relaxation techniques.