Methodically working towards maximum performance

Fundamental here is the methodical development of maximum performance based on mental and physical relaxation – in the private, professional and sporting spheres.

The Three Phase Method will help you develop your sporting achievement to the utmost maximum. Based on deep relaxation on the physical, mental and emotional levels, you can combine your strengths and train your talents to achieve the breakthrough you are looking for.

Boosting performance – on your premises

The Neumann Method®, developed by Ekkehard R. Neumann, can be used successfully anywhere in the world.

This special vitality centre, operated in cooperation with the Romantik Hotel Waldhaus Reinbek near Hamburg, is a quiet location providing professional burnout treatment. Calm; the close proximity to Nature and exclusive, individual care ensure that patients are able to put sufficient distance between themselves and stress factors. This is the foundation of efficient burnout management.