The German-based Mentor foundation initiates and promotes the establishment, implementation and dissemination of addiction prevention programs for children. Mentor takes the initiative for national and international exchange and creates environments that enable young people to develop in a healthy, untroubled way.

Mentor strengthens personality development on three levels. SELF: Getting to know oneself, developing self-confidence, taking responsibility. SELF AND OTHERS: Communication, getting along in groups, building relationships. SELF AND SURROUNDINGS: Understanding, realizing potential, looking forward.

Mentor cooperates with the universities of Heidelberg and San Diego in applying its Resilience Philosophy, which helps young people – and adults – to achieve a flexible, health-conscious attitude and a proper respect for drugs. It helps build on existing strengths, so that children can make independent and responsible choices based on sound risk information about drugs and the serious conditions they can produce. Mentor’s comprehensive curriculum also serves as a ‘burn-out prevention’ scheme for counselors. Educational tools include movies and plays which give children a platform to act on the temptations they encounter each day, strengthen their ability to resist them and promote self-perception and self-reflection.

Ekkehard R. Neumann’s philosophy and his belief in taking responsibility make him a natural partner of Mentor Stiftung Deutschland and its commitment to the positive development of children.

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